Friday, November 22, 2013

FTM2014 - Road Trip

There was a posting on Facebook that read:

"Well today I wanted to run all the German locations against a database of German cemeteries on the German Genealogy FaceBook site. In the past when we have planned cross country trips, it would have been very useful to know all the locations within a state or county the family was in so if the locations were close, we could drop in the local libraries/History centers and see if there was information that is not available on the internet, locally. A report in CSV form would do, but unfortunately, that is not available either.
 Now, I don't have Germany, but I will show how to create a Report if I were to take a road trip to Oklahoma, based on the database, in FTM2014, that I am working on right now.

If I understand that question correctly, I want to create a report that has every location where someone in my database had an event (Fact). For this, I want to create a Custom Report.

Publish Workspace, Person Report and select Custom Report.

I named the report "Road Trip" and I want to select those individuals that I want in the report. I select Individuals To Include.

I select "Other" then Filter IN, to Filter In Everyone with Any Fact Place of Oklahoma, which I will enter next.

Once Filter In, Other, Any Fact Places screen completes type in Oklahoma.

This will now move everyone who have an Event or Fact in Oklahoma into the Individuals to include in the list. In this case, 96 people has a Fact Place of Oklahoma

So far, the report isn't very helpful, because it would be sorted by name on only those that have some information. Clicking on the first ICON in the Right Hand Panel, (Items to Include) will bring up a window where I can select what Information I want to see in that report. This is the default window.

I have a lot of information from Census Records and from Find-A-Grave and I want to include those Facts. For this report, I uncheck the Notes settings because I don't want them in this report.

The GREEN Plus will open a window that will allow me to add other Facts. I selected the Burial Fact for the Cemetery information.

I added the Residence Fact for the information from the Census Records.

The real trick here, is that I want the information presented by Location. For this report I have selected the Residence Fact as the sort.

To the right of the Residence Fact, I selected Place.

I like the Header to be on each page, page numbers, and the date this report was printed. Clicking on the 3rd ICON (light switch), brings up the window that allows me to make those items appear on the printed report.

Here is what that report would look like. It is sorted by place names.

Within each place the person is listed along with the Birth, Death, Marriage, Burial, and Residence Facts that they have. This report was 11 pages long, but contains details for each person.

Looking at the Places Workspace is a list of Counties where there are Facts.

There are other options in the Custom Report as to what I seen in the report. I would use the report that I displayed because if provides a little more information  about the person who had an event in that place.

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