Wednesday, October 9, 2013

AMT - New - Tree Experience

While doing some testing this afternoon, syncing and trying to break my sync feature, I looked at my Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) for this test file and saw this:

Wondered what this is all about. Remembering that we just had a patch for FTM2014. I first thought there was a connection. WRONG.

Something new in the AMT, so I clicked on Try the Sidebar. The introduction window opened.

  • Easy open and close
  • Useful tools
  • Quick-Access toolbar

 Open the sidepanel by clicking on an ancestor. Dismiss the sidepanel by clicking the close bar.

See the relationship of this ancestor to you. Use the dropdown for useful tools. Clck the Hint Leaf to open the Hints tab from either the tree of on the sidepanel.

Hover over an ancestor in your tree for quick access to view a Full Profile, Refocus the Tree, Search our documents, Quick Edit, or Add Relative. So, I clicked Continue. OK, Something is new.

The usual tree appeared, or the Left, 

I hovered over that shaky leave and more options

 I'll explain those ICONs in a moment.

A new Panel is on the Right had more information on the hi-lighted person selected in the left part of the web page.

Looking at the new panel on the Right, I see an pull down menu

Quick Edit, Delete, or Merge with Duplicate. I think that is new. I don't normally blog about the AMT, I am not, for now, work on the AMT side. I'll continue blogging about the PC side (FTM2014). 

Something new on the Family Group view as well

Those same ICONs as above.

  • Hints
  • View Profile
  • Quick Edit
  • Search Historical Documents
  • Make Focus Person
Those first three option were in the Profile from before. So, same options, different view plus to new options.

But how to get out of here? If you are in or Hover over the Right Panel, a solid bar will appear, where in the center of it (vertically) will be a Right Pointing arrow which will close that right panel. you can see it at the top of the next image OR

Switch back to preview card.

Copyright © 2013 by H R Worthington

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