Monday, October 7, 2013

Blog - Key Word Search

Just an observation.

From time to time, I look at some of the Stats that Blogger provides. I don't care about the numbers, but want to make sure that if someone does a Google Search, or any key word search, that they can find the Blog. As bloggers, we can help with that, by putting those key words into our blog.

I was a little surprised on how folks are searching and the number of times the search engine picked up the sight. The eye opener, for me, was the full text, full words, used for searching. 

Maybe the reason for the (almost) shock, was the way I do my genealogy searching. I rarely START my search by spelling out a name completely. I start small, just surname, get some results then, narrow the list down.

2014 has been part of most of My blog posts since FTM2014 was released almost a month ago. But, 2014 was only used in the last two Entries into the Blog, each with ONE search. I rarely type into a Blog Post "Family Tree Maker', but it is at the top of the list. But, the Blog does have the Keyword embedded inside the Blog.

I don't think I have used the term "net framewo" in any blog posts. I know that it is a trouble shooting term to look for as the program uses that within the program.

Interesting, to day the least.

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