Sunday, October 20, 2013

FTM2014 - How to Cite a source in Person Notes

Have you wondered how to make a Citation in the People Workspace, Person Notes? For years, I have seen other users ask for this feature. When I think about this problem, I wondered how you can do that, when you may have many notes from many sources. Like other fields, each Fact can have one or more Citations, but it is a separate task that is done outside of the Fact fields.

But, What IF we use the features that we currently have within the FTM2014 (and earlier, especially since FTM2010), where we can use the Template Feature, to generate a properly formatted citation, then Copy and Paste the Reference Notes at the end of the text in the notes.

Here is a portion of the Person Notes: The Reeve Family, as seen below, is a small piece of information from a book. I want to Cite that, like I have cited a number of Facts from this same book.

I have created a Source for this book using the Reprinted Book Template and have been using that Citation. Now I want to cite this short passage to remind me where I found it.

In the Right Panel is the Citation I have used for other Facts  Double clicking on that Citation will open this window. At the Top of this window is the Reference Note tab. What is shown below is the Reference Note (Citation) for that fact. Hi-Lite that information, or select all (CTRL+A), the Copy (CTRL+C), and close that window by clicking OK

Then return to the Notes, add an extra blank line, and Paste (CTRL+V) that Reference Note and that information is now cited.

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