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FTM2014 - Sources - Use Existiing Citation

In an effort to Cite ALL of my Sources, I have some Facts in my file that I created for a specific purpose.

I have the Person ID feature turned ON, in the Tools Menu, Options, Reference Number screen. This is very helpful if you need to merge two specific individuals or if you have a paper filing system. In addition to those two items, I use it to help me KNOW who MY direct Ancestors are. Family Tree Maker can automatically assign those Person ID numbers but I can override that assignment. If the program assigns that number it does not require or allow a Citation. However, in this case, when I override / over write that number, the program will allow for a Citation. Just looking at the number isn't helpful, but if there is a Citation to that PersonID number, I KNOW that I assigned that number. That number would appear in an Ancestry Chart or Report, where I am the focus person.

I created a First Hand Knowledge Source to document the fact that I assigned that number.

In the Sources Workspace, I selected Add, then New, and did a keyword search for FIR, to select the First Hand Knowledge Template. That will bring up this screen.

I fill that in based on the fields asked for. I have done this a number of times already, but I thought it might be helpful to share this process. I selected the Source and clicked on the Edit (Pencil) ICON in the Right Panel to show that Template screen.

The important part for me, is to document what this Source is all about and how I am using it. So, there is a comment field for that information.

The Citation will read "Person ID #### assigned to [ name ]"

The comment continues with:

They are manually entered to over write the system generated Person ID number. These manually entered Person ID numbers are to Identify the author's direct Ancestors

On the Source Workspace, Citation screen is an example for Andrew Steelman, PersonID of 558. The Citation Detail has:
Person ID 0558 assigned to Andrew Steelman
That appears as the Citation and the Citation is Linked to the Person ID field in the People Workspace, Person Tab

You can see that here. Person ID on the Left, there is a "1" in the first column of numbers, meaning 1 citation, and the citation is in the Right Panel.

Now, I want to go to his wife. I assigned the number 559 (Andrew's PersonID plus 1) and there is NO Citation for that number.

I click on New in that right hand panel and select Use Existing Source Citation.

What this allows me to do, is to select (AND EDIT) an existing Citation so that it can be edited with new information.

The Find Source Citation window is opened where there is a scroll down to select that Source, and select Andrew's existing Citation and select CREATE NEW COPY.

Going back to the People Workspace, Person Tab (where I was) I then can double click on this new (copy) Citation and the Edit Citation screen will appear, with Andrews information, but I will then Edit it to read:

Person ID 0559 assigned to Judith _____
 Her person ID is 559, but I don't have her birth Surname. I enter 5 underscores when I don't know that name.

This is the updated Citation:

There is a #1 in the Citation column and there is the edited Citation with her PersonID

This is probably not required but in my attempt to share with others, where did that information come from and for the Undocumented Fact Report blank.

Not mentioned above, but the Person ID is private and won't be seen online. If I would share my file with another researcher, they would know what that number is and why I put it there.
Copyright © 2013 by H R Worthington

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