Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FTM2014 - TreeSync™ Issue

UPDATE: Just after I made this blog post, there was an announcement about TreeSync™ Issues.

This is an unproven by anyone else, but there may be a way to recover from a TreeSync™ problem.

The first place to look for help is the Knowledge Base website. For this specific issue, although it talks about FTM2012, the same steps should work for FTM2014. It is Knowledge Base article 5433.

You can get there from the Help, Online Help Center in FTM2014

You will be taken to the Knowledge Base website or you can get there from the Get Help on

For this issue, the Key Word would be "sync" and click Search Online Help. There are currently 32 articles on this subject, but the 1st one is that one you want.

One thing that I found was another approach. But, I made several observations when a specific set of things happened. I think in may work for other sync issues, but this worked for me.

I saw in the Plan Workspace that I needed to Sync because I had made changes in my FTM2014 file that needed to be made. As is my normal process I click on Tools, Compact File. Use this opportunity to Back Up my file, with check marks in all options, back up complete, compact started and completed.

Then slicked on the Sync Now, and . Less than 1/2 way through the process, I received this error message.

When this happened, I clicked OK, and Looked at the Plan Workspace, Left Panel very carefully.

 That something was wrong, I thought, with the Date and Time of the last Online tree being changed. First of all, I hadn't made any changes recently.

So, what I did next, was to see if there was some other problem going on, was it my File, something wrong with the program on my computer or something else. I wanted to check the Sync Feature, but one a Different File.

I created, in FTM2014, a three person file. Not a lot of details, no citations (oh no, no citations ??). I then did an Upload and Sync. Called the Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) test, and the sync worked correctly, as expected. So, it's not my program, could be my file, or, don't know what else.

Not satisfied with that, I made a change to the AMT, by adding a Birth and Death year for one of the people in the AMT, and NOT in my test FTM2014 file. Came back to FTM2014 and saw the Sync Needed text on the Plan Workspace with the downward pointing arrow. That is what I had expected to see. 

SyncNow worked and the updates in the AM"T were not on my PC.

Closed this test file, opened my main file, still set Sync Needed, as it had before,

This time the Sync Completed as it had in the past. So, my file was OK, FTM2014 is OK, something may have happened in the AMT. Oh, and the Date and time of the Change in the Online Tree was corrected.

I am not able to say this will work for anyone else. But it is what I did to resolve the problem that I had.

NOTE: IF you were having issues with this feature and as normal practice, I find that BEFORE I close FTM2014 down, I make sure that In Sync is the Status AND that the Media Complete is present on that part of the Plan Workspace

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