Tuesday, October 8, 2013

FTM2014 - Test of My Back Up

On a regular basis, I want to TEST my Back Ups. I haven't blogged about this in the past, so I thought I would use that Patch to FTM2014 to demonstrate how it works.

I won't show how to back up the file, but the blog post about the FTM2014 (1207 - 1239) blog post has the steps.

FTM2014 - Sync Issue Patch (239 / 1239)

I want to test that back up just to be sure it works and that I didn't loose anything and to make sure or test that I can restore if something happens.

In the Plan Workspace I click on File, Restore.

Note that the file is in Sync with the Ancestry Member Tree (AMT)

In the Restore window I select the Back Up of choice, which in this case is that most recent (1207) Back Up.

Selecting the appropriate file, that filename is entered into the filename field. 

In the Next window, you will be asked for a Filename. As is my practice, I include the version (1239) in the filename. So I changed the offered 1207 to 1239. The new filename will be:


The back up process will start.

There will be some options to choose from.

I will select them all as this restored file will become my working file so I want to keep everything I have AND the ability to restore the Sync Files.

The back up continues

And completes. Back in business. The Plan Workspace says the file is in Sync.

Now I have a problem. My PC is showing FTM2014-1209, but the Online Tree Name will be 1207.

I click on the Link, (filename) in the Plan Workspace, go to the AMT linked to that FTM2014 file and Rename the Online Tree

This is on the Tree Settings page in the AMT. The Tree Setting page is in the Tree Pages pull down menu.

Notice the up and down arrows, to the right of Master2014_1207. That is a visual indication that this tree is synced to a PC. Mine in the case.

The Tree Settings page, allows me to Update the Tree Name, which I have.

The Link I used to get to the AMT now shows the New Tree Name (1239), but it shows that a Sync is Needed. That is because I renamed the tree. Clicking on the SyncNow button, the result is the message on the Right that there was data updated.

So, I have a KNOWN Working Back Up. That back up was NOT changed, It is restored AND the tree is up to date. The user who I have shared the AMT with doesn't even know of the change. More importantly, the user will still be able to use this AMT.
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