Saturday, October 19, 2013

FTM2014 - Surname Report

There are a number of Reports in Family Tree Maker that I really like. This is just one of them. The Surname Report.

 Right now, I am focusing my research on people who had an event (Fact) in the state of New Jersey and I wanted to have a report of all of the Surnames in New Jersey that I might find in various Sources that I have in my library or might come across in my research.

Going to the Publish Workspace, selecting Person Reports is the Surname Report.

This will generate that report by selecting All Individuals. The Surnames are listed on the Left. Total of individuals for that Surname (birth surnames of females), the number of Males and Females, the Earliest date and most Recent date in the database for that surname follow across the page.

In my case, this was a 38 page report. Probably not going to print this for the task at hand, but it can be printed.

Because it is a long report, I want to make sure that the Report Title, the Page Numbers, and the Date the report was generated (printed) is on each page of the report.

The 2nd ICON, which looks like a switch, will bring up Header/Footer. Hovering over that ICON will say Header/Footer.

In the Header will be the name of the report. In this case, Surname Report, and in the Footer will include the Page Number and the Print Date.

I don't want the entire 38 pages of 8,931 people I only want New Jersey. Clicking on Select Individuals to include will bring up the "filter" screen, where I selected Filter In which will bring up a window where I will select Other, and in the Pull Down menu select Any Fact Places and enter New Jersey in the Value field.

This will move anyone with New Jersey in a Fact, from the Left Panel to the Right Panel. In this case 307 individuals

Clicking on OK will generate that report.

The summary is at the end of the 3 page report.

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