Monday, October 7, 2013

FTM2014 - Media Detail

Here is a thought about what to put in a Citation Media File for the Media Detail.

In the Media Workspace, I have my Media files Categorized. For me it makes them easy to find.

I have been scanning some old Family Group Sheets, from a cousin, and want them in FTM2014 as Media Items for my Citations. When I go to the Media Workspace, I select my collection. Then look at the Media Details and I see this.

Not very helpful. There is a File Name for the Caption, nothing in the Description. At the bottom is the Filename (again) and the location of that image. Note the Category.

This image is of a Family Group Sheet that is Linked to a Citation, in a Source Template, where I created a Source for this collection of Family Group Sheets. One Source, Many Citations. Each Citation has a Media File and links to many Facts.

For example, I did a count that showed 12 such Family Group Sheets already processed. There was a range of 5 to 112 Facts linked to these 12 Citations. (the Family Group Sheet). The average number of facts per Citation was about 60.

All work in progress, but work that needed to be done. Each sheet that I put into the proper Source and Citation format, I picked up 5 or 6 items that I missed the first time. Put Citations on some fields that should have been cited in the first place. Now it's time to correct this part of the Citation process (for me at least)

In the Media Workspace, Detail Tab, we have this screen. It doesn't say much, and it's to the Left of the first screen capture and below the image. On the Left, shows that this image is Linked to that Citation.

IF I double click on that Link, it will open up the appropriate Citation Screen. There is a Reference Note tab across the top.

Clicking on that tab, will show the SAME reference note that is in the Sources Workspace. So, this is the Citation that will be seen in trees and reports, where Source information is provided. OR the Citation for each fact.

I copy that Reference Note, CLOSE that window, and Paste that Text into the Media Description filed. 

Now the Image / Media file has a Citation.

While on this same screen I'll change the Caption for this image.

In FTM2014, Tools menu, Options screen, we can SORT our Media files by Caption or by Filename. Up until FTM2014, an Ancestry Member Tree "tossed" the Filename, but now the filename is included. 

HINT: IF we have to recover data from an Ancestry Member Trees, the filename that we assigned before we had to restore, will remain.

HINT: You can right click on the filename and rename it

The first hint will be covered in the future, the 2nd has already been discussed.

The caption should be meaningful to any one. For this image, the caption is

Family Group No 00146 - Thomas Ridgway Jr

For sorting purposes in the Sources Workspace and here, I added leading zeros to that so they would sort correctly. The filename has that same number. In this case, the Filename is FGS00146

The description now reads

Fayette Loomis Worthington, Worthington Family Group Sheet Collection; Fayette L Worthington, Tacoma, WA  98498, 1999.  Family Group No. 00146; dated Jun 1987. Record for Thomas Ridgway, Jr.

It may be an extra step, but the EndNotes look great, and the consistency between what I see in FTM2014 and what I see in the related Ancestry Member Tree, for others to see, is worth the extra minute do take this step.

Copyright © 2013 by H R Worthington

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