Sunday, October 6, 2013

FTM2014 - Web Merge from Shaky Leaf - Follow Up

As a follow up to FTM2014 - Web Merge from Shaky Leaf

For grins and giggles (the FUN piece) I looked at an Ancestry Chart from myself going back. Every name listed, including the Farmers where land was purchased from, are in my tree. That one Abstract of that Will, may have given me the name of the father of one of the wives listed in my tree.

Having visited the cemetery at the Little Egg Harbor Quaker Meeting, most of those family names are there. Still sorting out about 70 photographs from that Burial Ground for my database.

That, to me, is the 11th Tip to Ancestry Anne's Top Ten Rules for Growing Your Family Tree.

Not to mention that one of Anne's co-workers', The Barefoot Genealogist ancestors is in my tree. I have been FOCUSing (another of Anne's Tips) . My focus is cleaning up that branch of my tree to collaborate with The Barefoot Genealogist with her research.

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