Friday, September 26, 2008

Can not import file from Version 16 to Version 2009

This blog entry is to help document a problem that was observed and resolved. The issue is that a Family File that was created in Version 16 could not be Imported into Version 2009. However, that same file WAS able to be opened in Version 2008. When attempting to open the Version 16 Family File, a noticeable slowness in the Analysis process was observed, then the Error message: #1 - Import Error failed because an unknown error occurred.

Figure 26

Moving the Error Message revealed that the process stopped at Individual 358.
The normal process would be to run the Control (CTRL) + Alt + C (CA+C) File Compression utility would be run in Version 16 on this Family File, from any Family Page, and the CTRL+ALT+SHFT (Shift) + UpArrow (CAS+UpArrow) File Checker Utilitie would be run. In this case, there were NO Errors. At this point, since there are no errors in the file, the need was to Identify the Individual #358. From Version 16, a GEDCOM file would need to be created to Identify that Individual. The File, Export File, Entire File and selecting a GEDCOM (GED) formatted file was created. Opening the GEDCOM file in a word processor, using the Find Command, and entering 358, identified that individual.

Figure 28

(note: there is no Figure 27)

For the sake of privacy, the names are not on this screen. Reopening Version 16, a Family Group Sheet for that individual should be printed. Deleting that Individual from the Version 16 Family File. This file was then re-opened in Version 2009. Reentering the data from the Version 16 Family Group Sheet completed the import of that file.

The cause of this record (Individual information) is unknown by this user.

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