Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 - People, Person

Note: Beginning with this entry, Figure Numbers will be added to the screen shots.

Backing up from the Web Search feature is the review of the People, Person Screen.

Figure 18

People, Person screen has Individual and Shared FACTs (#1)or Events. For the purpose of this Blog, Facts will be the term used, as that is what Family Tree Maker has used. As information is added for an individual, they will be listed here.

#2 is where Source-Citations will be listed on the Hi-Lited FACT. In this case the Sex of the Individual. No Citation is listed. The other Tabs will be covered next (#3).

#3 is as listing of the Number of Citations on the FACTs, Number of Media items, and FACT Notes. These are the numbers associated with the Tabs.

#4 is where an Individuals Notes, both Private and Public, Media, and Tasks are the tabs here.

Each of these tabs will be illustrated as this blog proceeds.

In the sequence of Blog Entries, so far, what was added is only the Individual's Name, and Birth Location. None of it has been documented with a Source-Citation yet.

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