Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Web Search #2

Continuing with the Web Search and Merge. Figure 19, below, shows three important things to help determine IF the Individual who is being searched is the same Individual in the results AND some of the details of the Web Search.

Figure 19

In this case, Hiram Deats is the person in the Web Search (lower, left box), and the Results information, (upper part of the screen) and What Information that would be merged into the file, if the Web Merge is performed.

As seen earlier, the birth location was listed as Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA. That was all of the information that we started with. The Results also shows Hunterdon County, but Franklin is also provided. (a township in Hunterdon County at the time).

What was not in the file before, but was added manually in the Web Search, is the Birth Year (1810). As indicated earlier, this was known as an approximate birth year, but not documented.

There are only family name "hints" from some knowledge about this family but the Census Household Members are in line with that information. The Web Merge will be performed.

Just a note of interest. The Lower Right Panel contains what will be merged, as indicated above. However, as will be seen later, different Census "hits" will include other information in the Web Merge. In this case, only the Name, Birth Year, and Location will be included. Other House Hold Member will NOT be included.

If you are interested in what information is included in a Census Page, please visit the Family Tree Magazine website that has work sheets for each Census Year.

The 1860 Census also includes the Profession; Value of Real Estate Owned; Valuse of personal estate owned; Place of birth naming state, territory, or country; Married with the year; In schold within the year; Persons over 20 unable to read & write, and If deaf & dumb, blind, insane, idiot, pauper or convict are listed.

This information may be important if you want to have this additional information included in your Family File. You would want to view the actual Image and manally enter this information on the Individual FACT screen.

Examples of this will be included in another blog entry.

A Good Reference here might be "The Red Book".

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