Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Tasks

On the Plan or Opening Screen, is a list of Tasks to be done in this file and some notes that I want remind me of what or why somethings are in this file.

FTM 2009 Task List
Figure 3
FTM 2009 Task List
When the Task is created (topic and details later) there is a choice to place a priority on the task or note. This is the High Priority List in this file. This contains the Task Description, the Task For, Category / Location, Due, and the Date Created. Remember that this is just a summary.
Here is what is indicated here:
  1. Task Description - A brief description of the Task or Note. For example, the first one is "?? Fort or Ft. ??" . It is marked as Follow Up in the Category / Location column. This is a note for me to make a determination on how I want to "name" a military location, like Ft. Dix, New Jersey, in the Location or Description fields.
  2. Task For - In the screen above, the Task For is a General Task. In another part of the full Task List, might contain the identify (and link) to a specific individual that needs to be followed up on.
  3. Category / Location - In this example, I have Follow Up or Notes. The Notes are for my general notes on why certain things appear in the data base. For example, I have a number of Place Names that have not been resolved. There are two entries that start "Do Not Resolve" as a reminder as to the plan to resolve this Place Names. (more later)
  4. Due - A Date can be entered here. The Date of Completion will be entered when the Task Is completed.
  5. Date Created - The date when the entry was created.
My use of this feature is to remind me what I am doing and why AND a ToDo List that need to be followed up on. In an earlier Blog Entry, the full opening (Plan) screen showed that there are several Family Files that are being used. Each file, when opened, will bring up its own ToDo List.

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