Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family Tree Maker Web Sites and Links

Here is the beginning of a list of Web Pages that talk about Family Tree Maker OR are resources for this program.

  1. The Family Tree Maker Knowledge Base website for Versions 2008 and 2009: There are at least two ways to get there. The link at the beginning of this line and the Help, Online Help Center, within the Family Tree Maker program. There are articles are of interest. There is a Keyword search available to help locate a specific article.
  2. The Family Tree Maker Knowledge Base website for Versions, prior to Version 2008. This is a very good resource in the use of the Family Tree Maker program, of versions prior to 2008.
  3. The Genealogy.Com Learning Center. There are a number of articles dealing with the Family Tree Maker program as well as other Genealogy articles.
  4. The Family Tree Maker Home Page. There is a link to What is In Family Tree Maker, a link to an Interactive Training Tutorial, a link to Webinar's, and a link to purchase the program.
  5. Family Tree Maker Version history. This is an updated version of the next link
  6. Family Tree Maker version history. Of interest, this page provides the history of the various versions of the Family Tree Maker program.
  7. Family Tree Maker GenForums: A great place to search looking for User to User help with the Family Tree Maker program. It's important to understand that the Family Tree Maker links, on this page, will take you to specific GenForums to answer questions on specific aspects of the program. For example, if you have questions on how to use the Family Tree Maker program, the Family Tree Maker: Usage and How-To Questions Get the Most Out of Your FTM Software may be the place to start. Again, it is Users helping other Users. The first point for help, AFTER the Help Menu within the program, would be the Online Help Center / Knowledge Base website (#1 above)
  8. Ancestry.Com Family Tree Maker Message Board. This is another User to User message board for users of the Family Tree Maker program.
Both 8 and 9 have and option for you to be notified when someone replies to any question that you post there.

Other helpful websites will be included in this Blog as they are identified.

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