Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Menu's

This is a summary of the Menu's available from most screens.

Figure 2
This is a listing of Menu selections under each of the above Menu Items. The Menu selections may or may not be active on the specific screen that you are on.
File Menu: (Now that you have the program open, and you do not want to work on the current file, you can...)
  1. Open - an existing file, and close the currently opened file
  2. Open in New Window - open an file in a new window
  3. Import As New Tree - Import a file into a new tree (Family File)
  4. Merge - Merge information from another file into the currently open file
  5. Close - Close the existing File
  6. Export - Export the existing file
  7. Backup - Back Up your Existing File
  8. Restore - Restore a file from an existing Back Up File (one created by #7 above)
  9. Privatize File - Family Tree Maker allows you to assure the privacy of others (as well as your own) by designating certain facts as private. This prevents this information from being imported/exported, printed, copied, or published on the Internet (more details in the Help Menu)
  10. Go Offline - Will allow you to work Off Line from the Internet
  11. Exit - Close the Existing File and Close the Family Tree Maker program
Edit Menu: (basic editing, depending on the screen you are on) - Details to follow
  1. Undo
  2. Redo
  3. Cut
  4. Paste
  5. Delete
  6. Select All
  7. Insert Symbol
  8. Edit Person
  9. Find Duplicate Person
  10. Find Individual
  11. Find and Replace
  12. Manage Facts
  13. Manage Sources
  14. Manage Repositories
View Menu: Another way to navigate what you want to look at. They do the same of the Buttons at the top of the screen. Details to follow
  1. Back
  2. Forward
  3. Plan
  4. People
  5. Places
  6. Media
  7. Sources
  8. Publish
  9. Web Search
Tools Menu:
  1. Date Calculator - Helps you calculate the date of an event, the amount of time between events, or the age of a person.
  2. Relationship Calculator - Shows how two people from the tree file are related.
  3. Soundex Calculator - Displays the Soundex code for a name.
  4. Resolve All Place Names - Helps you find the correct spelling for a place in your tree file.
  5. Compact File - Reduces the memory size of the tree file while fixing possible database errors.
  6. Convert Names - Changes the surnames in the tree file to either mixed case (capitalize the first letter of the name) or upper case.
  7. User Information - Lets you enter your personal information so it can be included on charts and reports.
  8. Plugins - Lists the applications that work with Family Tree maker to extend its functionality. All of the installed plugins are listed in the Manage Plugins dialog box. For information about installing plugins and how they work, see the documentation that comes with the plugin.
  9. Options - Opens Family Tree Maker's system settings.
Help Menu: (F1 Key)
  1. Help for Family Tree Maker - Built in Help program
  2. Online Help Center - Access to Technical Support and the Knowledge Base Website
  3. Training Tutorials - The Family Tree Maker website will open and let you run various Online Tutorials on the use of the program.
  4. Register Family Tree Maker - offers registered users of Family Tree Maker the following special benefits: the powerful Family Tree Maker Web Search feature and the ability to merge records into your tree; access to dynamic maps; discounts on future versions of Family Tree Maker; and notifications of updates.
  5. Activate Ancestry Subscription - If you are already a member of or if a free membership came with your Family Tree Maker purchase, you can activate your subscription within the software. Once you’ve activated your account, you can use the Web Search feature to merge records into your tree.
  6. Check for Update - Ability to check to see if there are any updates to this version of Family Tree Maker.
  7. About Family Tree Maker - Will provide the current Product Version of the program. [ Family Tree Maker 2009, Version is the current version ]. Information from this screen is important when seeking help from the various Message Boards and Email lists that address the Family Tree Maker program.
Getting Started Guide
The Getting Started Guide can also be viewed as a PDF on your computer. If you chose to include the guide when you installed Family Tree Maker 2009, follow the steps below to find and read the guide. If you didn’t install the guide on your computer, you can find it on the CD-ROM.
  1. Double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop.
  2. Double-click the icon labeled C: (the default location for installing programs).
  3. Double-click the Program Files folder.
  4. Double-click the Family Tree Maker 2009 folder (or the folder you chose to install the software in, if different).
  5. Double-click the Manuals folder.
  6. Double-click the Getting Started Guide (Guide.pdf).
If you are not able to view the PDF version of the manual, you will need to install Acrobat Reader, which is available for free download from the Adobe website <>.


  1. Russ, I've only used Ancestry's online tree, and PAF a little bit...have you used other genealogy software? Can you say anything about why I might or might not want to use FTM instead of the online tree?

  2. anonymous,

    At this point, my intent of this blog is solely in the use of Family Tree Maker 2009 (and earlier if I need to). There are two links on the right called Web Site Listing. One for Family Tree Maker GenForums and the other for the Family Tree Maker Message Board. Your question is more appropriate on one of those message boards.

    Thank you,



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