Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Place Name Authority

In the New Tree Blog entry the location was indicated that the Place Name authority (the Place Button) needed to be resolved.

Figure 7

- The ICON has the Question Mark indicating that there is a need to Resolve the Place Name.

2 - Gives some suggestions of what the place name might be
In the suggestion box, the word Hunderton is spelled Hunterdon. The place name really should be Hunterdon.

Figure 8

The Resolve Place Name only showed New Jersey, USA but the screen has a reminder about the Spelling may be place name was not found. Not of the Suggestions were correct. The hint from the previous screen offered the correct spelling.

Figure 9

Changing the spelling and clicking on Search brought up Hunterdon, New Jersey, USA. In 2009, the County abbreviation (Co.) is dropped in the display of the place name. The User has the ability to Ignore the suggested place name.

Figure 10

You will notice that the Question Marks are no longer on the ICON and the red push pin is in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Figure 11

The above is the full Place Name screen for Hunterdon County, New Jersey.


  1. What would you recommend for place names with different names. I am specifically dealing with place names that have German and Estonian/Latvian names. My ancestors are German from these areas and the church records give German names for places. However the mapping function uses the current native names for these places.
    I have been doing, for instance, Kuldiga (Goldingen), Latvia, where Kuldiga is the native name, Goldingen is the German name.

    I a more general aspect, a town may have had one name during a period of time and then had a change due to some event (New Amsterdam=New York) or maybe merger (Port Huron + Port Erie became Thunderbay, Ontario).

    Is that what short name is for?

  2. Bernie,

    Great question:

    Two things to consider.

    Keep the Historical Place name, at the time your ancestor was there and that the source of your information uses that Historical Place name.

    Being about to use the Map feature (Place Name Authority).

    I double enter a Historical Place Name to do both. The map feature for me is very important, which is why I use the Place Name authority, but I don't want to look that Historical Place Name.

    Does that help?



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