Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Source-Citation #1

Documentation supporting the information in your family file is most important. After the Web Search and Web Merge was complete a review of what was added to the family file is next.

In this example, the web search included that the Birth Location was Hunterdon County, New Jersey. It had no Source-Citation in the file, as it was only the family story that said Hiram was from Hunterdon County. See Figure 18 of this post:

Since that location was not documented, Right Clicking on the unwanted FACT and selecting Delete Fact, or clicking on the Red "X" just above and a little to the right of the word Preferred deleted that unwanted Fact.

Figure 25

We will look at the new Birth Fact (hi-lited across the upper left portion of Figure 25. #1 on the Right is a summary of the Source-Citation for that Birth Fact. Double clicking on that Fact (in grey in #1) will bring up the Source-Citation screen.

In Figure 23 of article, Web Search Final, the full Source-Citation was in the bottom portion of that figure. The pop-up window (#2) here, it hnow that is presented in the Source-Citation screen for this Fact.

Two points of interest on this pop-up window, is 1) This citation is linked to 4 facts, and 2) the text that is hi-lited, which says "Record for Hiram Deats". This is mentioned because when another Individual has a FACT linked to this Source-Citation, you will see who was being searched when this Source was found. Works very nicely when an entire household is included in the Web Merge.

More on this in a later posting.

There is an Online Video on this topic on this website:

Selecting Sourcing.

Knowledge Base Article

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