Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Web Search #1

The People, Family screen seen in the New Tree blog entry, (3rd Screen) there is a Green Shaky leaf (#3). That indicates that there are Online information on Hiram Deats at Ancestry.Com. Returning to that People, Family Screen and clicking on the Web Search Button (#1 below) you see this screen:

Figure 12

#2 indicates that the search is at Ancestry.Com.

#3 indicates that the search will be on Historical Records (User Choice).

#4 is filled in, based on the information on the People, Family screen on the individual being searched. You will note that the Birth Year, Death County and State are hi-lited. That information was based on some hints about Hiram, but NOT entered into the database, but added to the Web Search.

#5 begins the search.

#6 shows a mini-navigation pedigree tree and will appear on many screens for ease of navigation.

Figure 13

The above in the initial web search results. For this example, there are two Hiram Deats listed. The 1870 individual was born in 1810 and the 1920 individual was born in 1871. Based on location, there may be a relationship.

Figure 14

The first entry is the 1860 Federal Census. There are two way's to view this Census. The one that is hi-lited and the second is a View Image link. For this example, at this point, Selecting the top link will provide more details.

Figure 15

This screen provides some basic information. The Home City/Town, County, and State, birth year (Abt 1810) and State. In this specific case, the Post Office is provided.

Below that is the list of the Household as provided in that Census and the approximate age of those listed.

You are again provided a link to the Census Image.

Figure 16

You may want to use the View printer-friendly link to print this page for reference later.

Figure 17

This is what is printed. You will note the Source Citation information, the Source Information, and Description that will be added to the file if you continue with a Web Merge.

One reason to print this page is to note the individuals in the Household including those individuals with other Surnames. They may or may not be included in the Web Merge. You may wish to make notes on this piece of paper as you continue.

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