Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Plan Screen

Family Tree Maker Version 2009 is here. I have just installed the program and plan on educating myself in its use, and plan on sharing some of my learning's on this blog. The opening or Plan screen is below. There is a lot of information on this screen. I will try to indicate what information is here that may be important to others.

Figure 1

This screen is the opening screen of the current file that I have opened. The Home Person, the Current Person is listed, along with the Date that the file was created, Last Saved, and Last Backed Up. Don't be confused by the Date the file was created, as it was created by Version 2008 and opened by Version 2009. This happened automatically upon installation of Version 2009, as expected.
What is obvious, is that a Back Up of this file be done soon. Once the file is backed up, that Back Up date will be updated.
There are some numbers on the screen to be pointed out, briefly, below:
1 - Is the list of files that have been opened, the Date when they were last opened, and the file this is currently opened. In this case, MasterFile is currently opened.
2 - Indicates the number of People or Individuals in the file, the number of Marriages, Generations, and Surnames included in the file, along with the Size of this File.
3 - A list of Tasks (or ToDo List) that has been entered in General or by Individual. This will be covered in more detail in another Blog Entry.
4 - The Web Dashboard indicates that I am logged into various online offerings at The Generations Network. There is a link to Log Off of these websites, if I so choose.
As the Plan Button on the Family Tree Maker Tool Bar has a different color, that is the screen that is currently opened. Other buttons will be high lighted in future Blog Entries.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information. You obviously like the new program which is interesting since you are a long time user of FTM starting at v3.4. I too am a long time FTM user (before v3.4) and have been reluctant to upgrade to FTM 2009 due to all the horror stores I've heard and read about - i.e.: loss of data during conversion - a biggie !! and more difficult to use than the old format. Anything you can post regarding these issues would be appreciated.


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