Thursday, September 15, 2011

Family Tree Maker 2012 - Customized Fact Sentences

Customized Fact Sentences

When you create an Ahnentafel, descendant report, or Smart Story, Family Tree Maker generates descriptive sentences for each fact or event. Now you can change the wording of these sentences and also choose what data is included.


  1. Russ, did you happen to notice if it supports Roles. e.g. Witness to a Marriage?

  2. Rosemary,

    When I receive FTM2012, I'll let you know, but I haven't seen anything about this. I do understand the question, however.

    I think the major piece of this release in the TreeSync feature.


  3. Thanks. It's something I would dearly love to have as it's one of the ways I use to track whether people were actually in a specific state at the time. In the late 19th & early 20th century one didn't travel 3000 km to witness a marriage, particularly if that involved train, ship, and train to get there and there are no reliable passenger lists on the ships.

  4. Rosemary,

    Understand. Please remember that you do have options here, but maybe not the way we would want it, but it can be done now. In fact, I am trying to track a family group in a specific location. I don't know the connection, yet, but here are our options for what you want. I may do a blog post about it.

    You can create a Custom Fact, say Witness (for a marriage), enter the Date, Place, and a description, like Mr & Mrs (names) Wedding and cite your source.

    Doing so, will let you use the Filter feature OR the Citation Usage to see who all was a witness based on either the Witness Fact, or the Wedding document used for that citation. Remembering that you can have Unrelated people in your file.

    I put a Task (ToDo) List for those Unrelated people so that I can remember who they are.

    As always, we have the ability to provide Feedback to the Developers in the Help Menu, Online Help Center, within the Family Tree Maker program, to request new features.

    Good luck,


  5. Russ,

    I've created Custom Facts for them. Was just wondering if you'd noticed Roles in 2012.


  6. Rosemary,

    I'll know when I receive FTM2012. But, from what I have seen so far, Roles is not included.



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