Friday, September 30, 2011

FTM2012 - Plan Workspace- Upload and Link

More information on the Plan Workspace can be found here:

Family Tree Maker Version 2012 - Plan Workspace

If your family file is on your computer, these steps can be followed to Upload and Link your Family Tree Maker file to a new Ancestry Member Tree (AMT), on Ancestry. Remember that these trees are free. However, as you will see below, the FTM2012 user has control over what is or is not seen and whether or not the Ancestry Indexing capability will "find" your AMT.

If the selected file has not been uploaded and linked to this point, the Online Access vis Ancestry will indicate that the file is Not uploaded and linked.

To provide a little more information as to the benefits of taking this step is a link to som helpful information.

To begin the process, close the benefits window, if you opened it, and click on Upload and Link to Ancestry.

As in FTM2011, there are some controls to make the tree Public, or Private, but FTM2012 adds the Upload without Linking. This means that the ATM will be created, as in the past AND NOT linked to the FTM2012 File. (no TreeSync feature).

This next screen also allows you to control IF you want the FTM2012 file and the AMT file Automatically sync'ed.

If you do NOT want the tree to be Public, you can Also control if you do NOT want the Ancestry search engine to find this (now) private tree. Notice the Check Marks.

Note: you can always change this settings within FTM2012 or in the AMT.

Clicking the OK button, after the choices have been made, the Data from this file will be uploaded. This upload is a two step process. Data first, followed by Media files. The screen below will indicate the process of the data upload status.

When the data has been uploaded, a new window will appear. It gives the user the ability to view the tree online. There is a statement in that window reminding the user that the Media Items will continue to be uploaded.

Clicking OK, without putting a check mark in the View online tree now, will return the user to the Plan Workspace. There is an indication of the status of the uploading of the Media Files. This may take time, depending on the number of Media files and the Size of the Media files. But the Plan Workspace will show the status.

When the Media files are uploaded this box will change status.

The Plan Workspace will have several indications that the FTM2012 file and the AMT tree are in sync.

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