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Family Tree Maker 2012 TreeSync - Reply to Randy Seaver

My friend and colleague, Randy Seaver posted this on his blog:

Family Tree Maker 2012 TreeSync - Differences Between Online and Desktop Trees

"Records you’ve found on and merged into Family Tree Maker won’t be re-uploaded to Ancestry."  I'm confused here - does this mean if I've found a record on and attached as a media item using FTM WebSearch won't be re-uploaded?  Or does it mean that a record I found on, downloaded to my hard drive, and attached as a media item in FTM won't be re-uploaded?   I'm guessing that the second image would be uploaded to Ancestry, since I probably renamed the file in my computer files before attaching it to a person in my FTM file.

Let me see if I can answer this question.

In previous versions of Family Tree Maker (version 2008 - 2010), this was not an issue, as there were no images uploaded or downloaded from In FTM2011, we were given a Family Tree Maker "friendly" upload / download with Ancestry, meaning that Images / Media files could to either way. EXCEPT for any Citation Media Files, like Census Records that we could see Online. They were NOT downloaded in FTM2011. However, in FTM2011, going to the Media Workspace, and hitting the CTRL+F2 Key, any of those media files would be downloaded into FTM2011.

Having looked at this issue a little closer, in the AMT, there were links from the AMT to where you could View the Image.

You get to this screen by selected a "Hint" from the Web Search Workspace, or from a Hint in the ATM. (shaky leaf). Clicking on View Original Image would let you see the image. That Link was included if the Web Merge Feature was used within Family Tree Maker.

The difference, from what I can tell, is the with FTM2012, that IMAGE WILL be downloaded to FTM2012.

When the TreeSync is preformed, that Image does not need to be uploaded to the AMT, because by selecting the associated Citation you will be taken to the same image.

Randy - like you, I would rename the media file to meet my needs, but both the AMT and FTM2012 would be linked to the same Image. One Online the other on the PC.

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  1. Also, will we get a new image for each member of a household? This is just one of the items I'm a bit wary about.

  2. Rosemary,

    Sorry, don't understand the question.


  3. Russ,

    For example, take a census record. If I attach that record with it's associated image to a profile I expect that it will then be downloaded and added to the FTM image files. When I then attach the same census page to another member of the household will I get another copy of the image?

    That's what concerns me. I don't want multiples of that image.

  4. Rosemary,

    In FTM2012, as with previous versions, there is a link from the FACT to the Citation. There is a link from the Citation to a Media file for that Citation.

    One Image, One Citation, Many Facts in FTM.

    If you go to the Source Workspace, select that Citation, click on the Media Tab, you will see One Media File. Clicking on the Links Tab, for that SAME Citation, you will see what FACTs are linked to it.

    If you then go to the Media Workspace, you will only see One copy of that Media file and here it is used.

    There is no change, if I understand your concern, in the area from earlier versions of the program.

    From what I can tell, the same thing happens in your AMT.

    Does that help?


  5. Well I think so. I'll just have to play with it with a small dataset until I get the feel for it.

    I keep all my images locally and don't use the link to ancestry. It's a "belt & suspenders" approach with the advantage that I can always find the image.


  6. Rosemary,

    The nice thing about FTM2012, is that not only do you have what you want and already have, but your complete file, images and all, are on I have seen more that one person use their AMT to recover from a Hard Drive crash.

    I have all of my images in two places, actually 3. On my Hard Drive where my Family File is, my AMT tree, and the 3rd is on an External Drive where I save my Back Ups to.

    Hope this helps,


  7. Russ,

    My 3rd drive is Carbonite and every month or so I'll copy everything down to an external drive.



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