Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FTM2012 vs AMT - Category / Picture Type

Another difference between FTM2012 and AMT is how we can group the media files.

In FTM2012:

Some of the above list are items that I have added. Building, Civil War, City Directory to mention a view. In FTM2012, (or earlier, as this is not a new feature) you can click on Add to create your own Category.

In AMT, this is the list of choices:

When a photo or media file is uploaded the Category may end up in a different Type.

As the Knowledge Base article suggests, they may be different.

For further details of the Differences between Family Tree Maker 2012 and an Ancestry Member Tree, please visit the Knowledge Base article #5359 What are the differences between the Family Tree Maker and Ancestry.com trees when using TreeSync™?
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