Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to Copy and Paste a Citation

I don't know about you, but I try to put Citations on all of the data that I put into my file. I routinely review my Facts to make sure that they all have Citations. To review them, go to the People Workspace, Person Tab. On the Right side of the list of Facts are three columns of numbers.

Column 1 is the number of Citations that you have for that fact

Column 2 is the number of Media Files associated with the Fact or Citation

Column 3 is the number of Notes that you have for that Fact

If there is a "0" in that first column, there isn't a Citation for that fact.

Lets say that you know where that information came from (Source) and you already have it entered, but on a different Fact, then the process is simple.

Just to the right of the "new", with Sources selected is the Copy Citation ICON. The citation that is selected will now be Copied.

Returning to the Fact without a Citation, selecting that Pull Down menu, on the right of "new", is the Paste Duplicate Source Citation.

That Citation will now be associated with that Fact.

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