Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FTM2012 Registration Process

Once Family Tree Maker as been installed, the next step is to Register your copy of Family Tree Maker. This includes any time you need to Reinstall or Install the program on a different computer.

Click on the Help Menu, in the Menu tool bar, then Select Register Family Tree Maker.

Once registered and if you have a subscription, you can do that from this menu as well.

When you click on Register, you will see a reminder that you haven't registered your copy yet. This let's you know that it isn't registered.

Clicking on Register Now will take you to a Thank you for Purchasing the Family Tree Maker Program page. On the thank you page, please read the information that is there. In order to register, please put a check mark in the box provided where you acknowledge that you have read the informaiton.

The next screen is where you Log In, if you already have an account at Ancestry.Com or you create an account. If you have forgotten your Log In / Password, there is a link where you can receive help with this.

The registration is almost complete with the next screen, Thanking your for Registering the program. Please read this information and put a check mark, agreeing that you have read the screen.

On the above screen, you can let Family Tree Maker save your login information, then click on Continue.

Its been on the previous screens, but you can always provide Feedback to Ancestry.com and Family Tree Maker from the link at the bottom of these screens, and elsewhere on the Ancestry.com website.

Please read the final screen of the Registration Process.

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