Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FTM2012 vs AMT - Media / Photo Differences

This is not a new difference, but we, the users, need to remember a couple of things.

Within Family Tree Maker, we have File Names, Descriptions, and Caption fields to uses, as well as categories. File Names are not important in the Ancestry Member Tree (AMT). Within FTM2012, we can sort by Filename or Caption.

Here is FTM2012 view:

 The Filename is at the very top of the screen, Caption, Date, and Description are fields to be edited. (FTM2011 screen capture, but should be the same in FTM2012)

Here is the same image in the AMT.

Picture Name in AMT is the Description in FTM2012

Description is the same in both

Date is the same in both

ATM has a Location Field, FTM2012 does not

The Type in AMT is similar in the Category of FTM2012.

For further details of the Differences between Family Tree Maker 2012 and an Ancestry Member Tree, please visit the Knowledge Base article #5359 What are the differences between the Family Tree Maker and Ancestry.com trees when using TreeSync™?

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