Friday, September 30, 2011

FTM2012 - Invite to Onliine Tree

Now it's time to Invite others to your Ancestry Member Tree (AMT), from within FTM2012. This is most helpful if the AMT is not a public tree or the user wants to bring to the attention of others that the tree is online.  From the Plan Workspace click on the Invite to Online Tree Button.

This will take you to the beginning of this invitation process.

The next step will provide options on HOW to invite them to your tree. Email, an Ancestry Username, a Yahoo Mail account, Hotmail, Gmail or AOL email.

For example, selecting Gmail will bring up a Gmail screen:

If you only know, or want to communicate through the Ancestry connect feature, another screen will appear by selecting Username.

There are a number of options available here. In the example below, I have had a private tree, where I have have invited them to the other trees, or they have invited me to their tree. See the Invite Members option at the top of that screen. 

As with the normal AMT, there are three levels that you can choose. Edit, Contributor, and Guest.

In the box to the right, you can add a specific message to the email that will be received on the Ancestry mail for that user.

At the conclusion another screen will appear and it gives you the option to review the Tree Settings.

 Returning to the Plan Workspace, the invitation status will be displayed.

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  1. I uploaded a test tree as a public tree yet various people have tried to find it and couldn't until I invited them as guests.

  2. Lee,

    It may be that your AMT has not been picked up by the Search Engine.

    How long was it between you uploading your tree until others tried to find it? and yow did they try to find it?



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