Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family Tree Maker Version 2012 - Ancestry Web Dashboard

In the Plan Workspace, the opening screen of Family Tree Maker, has some information on what may be going on, at Ancestry. This is in the Web Dashboard. With FTM2012 there are some changes, but with the TreeSync™ the Web Dashboard may become more important.

At the top of the Web Dashboard is the Options and a link where you can Login, if you aren't already. But just below that is your subscription status.

Notice the Double Pointing arrows on the Right end of the Green Menu Bars. These Open and Close the indicated menu. Normally, the Ancestry menu is closed. But clicking on the double down arrow you can see your subscription.

For the TreeSync feature and the Use of the Ancestry Member Tree, you do not need a subscription on Ancestry, but you do need to have a login and password.

The next Menu is the Ancestry Trees Menu. This IS important for the TreeSync feature as it will show you the status of any AMT's you might have on Ancestry.

You will see that slash across these three trees. By hovering the mouse across them, you will see that these tree's are NOT Linked with Family Tree Maker. This will change after you download or upload and link the FTM2012 file with the AMT.

The number of items displayed when you open the menu are controlled in the Options menu that was shown in another blog post.

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