Thursday, April 5, 2012

1940 Census - Conflicting Information

I wonder if anyone else has found conflicting information in the 1940 Census. Based on Dear MYRTLE's Webinar last night, many of us have. A number of presenters shared their experience. A note about that webinar, it was live, not scripted, but several presenters had similar experience.

#1940Census: And our guests tonight are...

But I digress ....

I search for and found my maternal grandfather. I had expected to find my maternal grandmother and an aunt. She was 15 and was in High School. That was confirmed with a phone call after my finding.

But, here is what I found:

This is my mother's name, listed has my grandfather's wife, aged 45. Hmmm, my mother was only 24 at the time.

My aunt is not listed there and the informant was my grandfather.

I did find my mother listed with my dad, just in town from my grandparents:

This was actually news to me, but it made some sense. Again, confirmed by my aunt.

My mother listed correctly here. Could she have been in two places in the same Census, yes, as there was several days difference in the date the census was taken.

The issue, how to handle this conflicting information.

I chose to enter the information, but to use the Name, FACT Notes to document the conflict.

I entered the 'wrong' name on my Grandmother's record, selected the Name, Note tab on the right, and made a note that the Census was incorrect. I made a similar Name Fact Note on her record.

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