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City Directories - Citations

During the 1940 Census Preparation, I found that the use of City Directories were very helpful. But, how to cite them using the Family Tree Maker Template Feature.

Here is the City Directory (Beta) version that came with a Web Search.

It had the Street address, occupation, place of employment for the person in question.

First, go to the Sources Workspace, select the Add ICON and that will bring up a window where you can select a New Source.

The next window will present a window where you can enter a Keyword (or the first 3 characters of what you have in your hands). In this case, there weren't any Keyword results for City Directory. So, I selected More, and did some choosing.

The best selection is Publication - Books, CDs, Maps, Leaflets & Videos. With the two pull down menus, I selected Categories of Image Copies, and Online Publications. That described what I was presented from

Looking at the Top of the Image, I was able to fill in the fields in the Template form.

The Prompts pointed me to Polk & Co', for the "Surname" field, and R. I. for Given Name.

I filled in what information that was provided.

Linking the Citation to the Fact, the Citation looks like this.

Citation Detail:

West Chester, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1930-31, p. 98

Citation Text:

Record for Jacob Finley

The resulting Reference Note is:

R. L. Polk & Co's, West Chester, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1930 (1930-31), West Chester, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1930-31, p. 98. Record for Jacob Finkey; digital image, (

Just to check what the EndNote looks like, I ran a report to see the EndNote:

That is in the format, as I understand it, based on Evidence Explained!

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