Saturday, April 21, 2012

Adding Pictures of Houses from the 1940 Census

Since I spent some time checking my data, entering Address Fact information, Citing that data with the 1940 Census record (with media file), I thought it would be interesting to add a photo of the house, as it exists today. Now, I do have some old photographs, dating closer to that Census Date, so the same process is used for those older picture.

Below is the People Workspace, Person View, with the Address Facts listed in the Left Column. Note the "padlock" ICON to the left of the Address text. That means this Fact is Privatized.

Selecting the 1940 Census, shows the Citation from that Census Record in the Right Column. I entered 1940 in the Date field, and the street address in the Place Field. The Place Name Authority warning is set to Ignore. I know the format is not correct, but for this Fact, it's the way I wanted it.

Note the Citation had a Media File, the Census Record, and selecting New:

Selecting Add New Media:

This will bring up a window, where you navigate to where the Media file is located. I save my original photos elsewhere on my hard drive:

The filename has been selected and that filename is put into the File Name field on this Windows screen:

NOTE: I have a specific filenaming convention for my FTM2012 file. Basically, it starts with "house", then underscore,  a 2 character location indicator, then the street address.

This brings up a FTM2012, Copy to Media Folder screen, with the option to put this image into a Category.

The Link To has two options: The first is to COPY the media file from where it is currently located and putting a COPY of it, into the Media Folder for this file. The other option is just to link to that file, in its current location. I use the Copy option.

 As you may be able to see, I have a Category for Houses. You can always Add a New Category, but I have already been using the category.

The end result is a Copy of the Census Record and a photo of the house as it exists today.

The remaining step, talked about elsewhere, is to put a Caption on that Media File.
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  1. I have used the same technique, but where I didn't have a picture and couldn't get one easily (the house is in another state, etc.), I went to the street-level view in Google Maps (Bing, too) and moved the viewing angle to one that I liked and grabbed/saved the image to my FTM2012 Media folder.

  2. I have used the same technique, but when I didn't have a picture, I visited the street-view in Google Maps (Bing, too) and maneuvered to a satisfactory viewing angle, then grabbed/saved the picture to my FTM2012 Media Folder. The on-screen display has the date the picture was taken. I make note of this and annotate the picture in FTM with the date taken, date captured, location, and source. This is great when you don't have a picture and the house is out of state, etc. You can also "look around" the neighborhood and capture what is across the street, etc., if this is of interest.

  3. Hilltownroots,

    (I saw you post the reply 3 times, they are monitored and not automatically posted. I deleted the duplicates)

    That is a great idea. My only concern is the copyright issues that might come up. I have used the street view often.

    Thank you for the comment and suggestion.


  4. Thanks for the info. Great help to my common errors. Thanks.

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