Monday, April 16, 2012

Trick - Choosing Existing Source Citation

I'll share a trick that I have learned, when trying to choose from the list of Existing Source Citations. Over time, I have many Citations for a Census Year and Location. Since much of my family was located in the Same County, various Locations, the County list of citations can become very long.

For example: I am working on this person (People Workspace, Person View) and I want to add an Existing Citation, as it's already there, so I click on New (pull down menu), Use Existing Source Citation:

Clicking on that link brings of the list of Citations. I this example, I am looking for 1940 Census Records. So I enter 1940:

And that is what I am to choose from. BUT, which one is mine.

I have a trick that has worked very well for me. BEFORE I go to Link to an Existing Source Citation, I go to that Citation and put a "*" in the Source Details box, first character, followed by a space. This is ONLY a temporary mark.

 Now, when I click on Use Existing Source Citation  I see

So much easier to Identify.

Now, if there are more entries from that SAME Citation and its done in consecutive order, FTM2012 will "remember" that last Citation and will be Selected for the Next "Link to Existing Source Citation".

Working with one Citation makes multiple entries really simple.

When that Citation is completed, then go back and remove that "*".

Copyright © 2012 by H R Worthington

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