Saturday, April 14, 2012

Media Files - Census Image Description

As part of my database clean up, I looked at my Media Files. I have made sure that the images were in the Categories I want, and have set the Captions that I want, then I looked at the Description. For family pictures, I'll name or identify each person in the photo, and date the photo if I have that information.

What to do about Media Files that are Census Record? What might be helpful, when just looking at the image in the Detail View of a Media File.

In the Media Workspace, I selected the my Federal (for Federal vs State) Census, from the category listing, then go to the Detail View. This is difficult to view, but you can see the images across the top, one of which is high lighted (in blue), and on the Right, is the Caption, under that is the Category (Census - Federal), and below that is the Description field that is blank. That is what I want to have some information in it.

I am all for Copy / Pasting, rather than my typing, so I click on the Link to the Citation that this image is linked to. (Lower Left)

The filename and the location of the image location are in the lower right.

Clicking on the Link (to the citation), will bring up the Citation Screen.

On this screen, I high light or select the Text in the Citation Details, and use the Copy command (or CTRL+C). This will put that text on your computers clipboard.

Clicking on OK or Cancel, closing that window, then going to the Description field on the Media, Details field, and Paste (CTRL+V) the Citation Text into the Description field.

 That is a great reminder, for me, as to what line, on the image, that I will find the family in question, and where I found and downloaded that image.

In the Upper Right corner, is a Print ICON. I want to Print Media Item Report. The Description is printed, and the Citation is also printed. 

This "little" extra work, makes it easier for knowing what the Media file is, where I got it from, and where to look for the family in question.

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