Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Spouse Entered

I have seen this problem talked about before, but finally have a file to see what is going on.

The issue is an Incorrect Number of Spouses, in the People Workspace, Family View, next to the Spouse ICON. Opening that ICON there is an entry of "No Spouse Entered" A picture is worth a thousand words.

The "wife" / "mother" field, has the #4 next to the Spouse ICON, and opening that ICON, the TOP entry says [No Spouse Entered], but there are 2 other No Spouse Entered listed along with the one Father and the Child.

I recommend that you BACK UP your file before proceeding.

Go to the People Menu, select Add/Detach person, then Detach Selected Person. That will bring up this menu.

In this "extreme" but good example, there are many 'incorrect' relationships. The first one shows No Father, the Mother, and No Child. Select that one, and click OK. This will remove that relationship.

Backing away, you will see that the numbers next to the Spouse ICONs changed, by one. People, Add/Detach, Detach Select Person again, and check out the next on. Again, No Father, and Not Child. Again, this is not a valid relationship.

Again, this maybe an extreme case, so if you see the correct set of relationships, you don't have to go further, but I am going to resolve this file.

People, Add/Detach, Detach Selected, and again select a bad relationship.

I kept going until I had the Father, Mother, and child entry that reflects the correct relationships. Looking that the Mother ICON, its down to ONE, and the Husband no longer has No Spouse Entered.

NOTE: If you have ONE Parent Entered, and that Parent has a Child, you WILL see the "No Spouse Entered" warning.  This can be resolved by dealing with Unknown Names. What ever works for you. I enter 5 Underscores for both Given Names and Surnames. ( _____ _____ ) If I have this No Spouse Entered situation, BUT I don't know the name of that Spouse.

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