Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FTM2014 - People - Sort Children (single family)

In FTM2014, there is a new Global Sort Children feature. There will be a follow up post on that feature. This post will show the steps for a single, blended Family Sort. Blended meaning several marriages where children were involved.

In this family the mother was married twice and had a child in both marriages.

This is the Blended view, showing both children, with the 2nd husband. In the People Workspace, Tree View (the renamed "family view" from previous versions), between the Parents and Children on the Right end of the Marriage Line is the Sort Children ICON.

These children are not listed by Date, as there is NO birth date, and the Names were manually sorted, with the Up / Down arrows to the Left of the Sort Children ICON.

More recent research provided the birth date of the first child. The default for children without birth dates. There wasn't a change from the image above.

Further research found the 2nd child's birth date.

Now, I want to Sort these children by Birth Date. Clicking on that Sort ICON brings up this screen

In this case, I am going to choose the first "Sort the children in this Family by birth".

IF you are offered a Back Up options, please check it.

The children are now sorted by Birth Date.

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