Monday, September 30, 2013

FTM2014 - Ancestry Member Tree Connection - Part 3

This is part 3 of some of the activities while collaborating with another user of an Ancestry Member Tree, and how to use FTM2014 in that effort.

Started with gathering of information and trying to prepare for a "road trip" to the location of where our common ancestor lived. That step is documented here:

FTM2014 - Ancestry Member Tree Connection - Part 1 

The trip was made, pictures taken, and this next part describes how I am handling the pictures that were taken.

FTM2014 - Ancestry Member Tree Connection - Part 2

What this next step is to identify any of the pictures that I took, can be uploaded to the Find-A-Grave website. As I am renaming the photographs from the Camera generated filename to a filename that is useful for me, I look at the Internment List from the Burial Ground's website.

After about 10 photographs, I found an entry that didn't have the headstone ICON to the right of the name. But I have a photo of that headstone. The name is the same as well as the only readable date, Jan 30 1889.

Clicking on the name brings up the Memorial Page for John Bartlett

I want to Add a photo for this person.

NOTE: There is an Age of 75 listed. I don't know where that contributor found that information, perhaps some records, but it's not on the headstone. It is common to see information that someone has added to the Memorial page, such as an obituary. I click on that Add button to select and upload my image.

This next screen appears where I will Browse to the folder on my computer where that file is located.

That brings up the Windows Explorer, where I select the Media file that I want to upload. Here is where the renaming of the files comes in very handy. I see that I have the right persons headstone picture. Selecting the image, it's filename is entered into the filename field.

Selecting Open will close Windows Explorer and return to the Upload screen. The file name is presented. That is a Good Double check on the name vs filename.

The file isn't uploaded yet, because you are able to add some information. I enter the transcribed data from the headstone, so that it can be read by a viewer of the Memorial. Not everyone does that, but that is what I do.

It may be important to note, that the image does not say how old John Bartlett was when he died. So, a viewer of this memorial would need to carefully evaluate what is presented. I am only presenting the data that I saw in the photograph.

The person who created this memorial certainly can and did, add his age.

The final memorial page looks like this.

My next action was to look at my FTM2014 file. I don't have his name entered. Crista's AMT didn't have it either.
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