Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FTM2014 - Program ICONs on Windows Task Bar

A not so obvious, but very helpful addition is that FTM2014's ICON, on your Windows Task Bar is different. I have both FTM2012 and FTM2014 installed, for the moment, but I can tell the version by the number of leaves.

FTM2012 has 2 leaves, (on the Left), while FTM2014 has 3 leaves (on the Right).

At least in my installation, unlike FTM2012, I had to Pin the program to the Windows Taskl bar. To do that, I opened FTM2014, right clicked on the ICON and selected Pin to Task Bar.

The two recent files above, are the Back Up that I restore from and the file that is now open.

Now, to get rid of FTM2012 from the Tool Bar, Right Clicking on the 2 leaves and selecting Unpin.

Which will leave just FTM2014. The other ICON is Firefox.


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