Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FTM2014 - Plan Workspace - Open Existing File

This is not a new feature, but a good reminder.

I have an existing FTM2012 file, but I don't want to open FTM2012, select the file, back it up, or restore in FTM2014. I just want to open that FTM2012 file.

In the Plan Workspace, I select File, then Open.

This will open a new window, and we have seen this window before:

I have selected the file, and as I have mentioned before, I include the Version in the Filename. In this specific case, it had not added the build number, it was <filename>2012. When I select that file, it puts the filename into the Open field.

Here is how I created my "FTM2012 Back Up" as I talked about earlier, but it's part of the process of moving from FTM2012 to FTM2014. All I needed to do in put a check mark in the box and the FTM2012 back up was created.

Now we have to Name the NEW file for FTM2014. I entered <filename>:2014-1207 and FTM2012 added FTM, as the file extension.

 After the new file is created, I am taken to the People Workspace and work can begin.

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