Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FTM2014 - Plan Workspace - Other Opions

There are other options for getting started in FTM2014. Will just quickly show the other options and may publish more details on these options in the future.

Start with What You Know:

 If you haven't used Family Tree Maker before, and are just starting out, you can select Start with what you know, and on the right, will have a place for your (full) Name. For females, that would be your birth surname. You can add the parents names. This is just the starting point, creating a New FTM2014 from scratch. You can add your birth date and birth place on this screen, and selecting the sex of this person.

To the right, is where you Name the file:

I generally enter the Surname followed by the Version of Family Tree Maker that created the file, a dash, followed by the Product Version, found on the Help, About menu. I do NOT use any spaces in my filenames. This is just my 'best practice' and it's more for use outside of Family Tree Maker, like with Windows Explorer and file sorting.

 The next option is to Download from If you have an Existing Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) you can Download it directly from your AMT and all of the information will be downloaded into FTM2014.

You will notice on this screen capture, that I am NOT logged in. I am reminded of that on the Right. Clicking on that Link will take me to the appropriate Login screens.

 In the example below, there is No Action available. That is because that file is still LINKED to FTM2012, so I can't do anything with that file for the moment. I'll post information on how to resolve that issue.

Further down the list was a file that isn't linked to FTM2012 and the Download option is available.

 More details on each of these options will be covered in the future.


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