Sunday, September 15, 2013

FTM2014 - Control in New Tree View

After working a while with FTM2014 in some of the new features, I was working on a "future" blog post, when I realized that I should look at the new controls that we have, in what we want to look at, from the New Tree View.

Below is in the People Workspace, (the NEW) Tree View where I had selected a person, and Right Clicked on that person.

 A summary of the control you have from this screen to get you to what you want to do NEXT or what you want to look at next.
  • Close -- This ICON will allow you to Close the Name Index or Left Hand Panel to allow you to see more in the Center Panel
  • Close (not hi-lighted) - Just below the text that says Zoom In / Out, is an ICON to Close the Family View, Center Panel, below this screen. More screen space
  • Home - To go to the HOME person directly, meaning to change the person you are displaying to the person who is the Home Person in your file. Jump to the Home Person, may be a better way to say that
  • Pedigree - In the screen capture above, that is the Pedigree View, but if you are in a different view, you can change what you are looking at to the Pedigree View
  • Family View - Change the display, for the selected person to the new Family View
  • Include Pictures - The ability to turn the person pictures, or in this case the person ICONs On or Off
  • Zoom - Allow you to zoom in or zoom out which will expand or contract the number of generations or people in the display
By Right Clicking on the selected person, we have other things we can do
  •  View the Ancestry Hints - This will take you directly to the Web Search workspace to look at the Ancestry Hints (shaky leaves)
  • Edit Person - The screen that you will see is DIFFERENT from clicking on the People Workspace, Person View. This feature allows you to see a pop-up window where you can look at AND edit that person (more on another blog post)
  • View Details - This will take you the the People Workspace, Person View, just as changing the Tab selection on the right
  • Delete Person - Remove the person from the database
  • Move to Root Person - The screen IS on the "Root" person, so it is greyed out. However, IF you Right Click on someone in the Pedigree View, that option will be active
  • Set as Home Person - A quick way to change the Home Person in the file
  • Add Bookmark - Allows you to Book Mark this person
  • Delete Bookmark - Allows you to remove this person from your Bookmarks
  • Export Branch - Another way to allow you to Export a Branch to a new file.


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