Monday, September 16, 2013

FTM2014 - Media Workspace - New ICONs

Looking at the Media Workspace, there are some new options and some changes.

The Media Workspace, Collection view has several new ICONs in the Right Hand Panel
  • Image Details
  • Image Links
  • Image Notes

 The image details haven't changed, in that you enter the media file Caption, Date and Time of the image, the Category that the file is part of, a Description, a place to mark this Media File as Private, the File Name and the full file path for the image.

The second ICON shows who and what FACT is linked to that media file. In this example there are only 2 people at this address, but in fact there were 4.

Click on New, will bring up a way to Link to a Person or Link to a Citation  In this case we want to add two more people.

 Selecting Link to Person will bring up the usual select a person screen, the person is selected, and you can link to the Person in general or to a Fact. In this case, the person's Fact.

Note:  The link to Person, will put that image in the People Workspace, Person View, at the bottom (large part) of that View. Linking to the Fact, will have that image appear by selecting the Fact, and the image will be in the Media Tab on the right. So the user has a choice as to where the image will appear in the Person View.

Having completed the links, there are now 4 people linked to the picture of that house.

The new FTM2014 feature is the ability to add a note to that Media file. In this case "This is the house that my Dad built"

Closing that screen, but with the Notes tab active:


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