Friday, September 13, 2013

FTM2014 - What's New (from the Help Menu)

We have seen the advertizements, but what does FTM2014 say in the Help Menu about What's New.

From anywhere in FTM2014, click on Help, then Help for Family Maker, OR, like most Microsoft Windows program, hit the F1 Key.

That will bring up the next window where we select What's New in Family Tree Maker and Display in the lower right of the Left Hand Panel.

Here is what it says:

What's new in Family Tree Maker

Family Tree Maker works hard to make family history welcoming and fun. To achieve this, we are constantly improving the product and introducing features that make working with and sharing your family history easier. This section outlines the new features we are introducing with this release.

  • A tree menu has been added to the Workspaces Toolbar so you can easily switch between trees from any workspace.
  • The Name Index Options for the Index and Index of Individuals is now available from the Options dialog box and apply globally (Options: Names/Dates/Places).
  • Colors and layouts have been modified for readability and ease of use.
  • The Plan Workspace has been redesigned to make it easier to start a new tree and manage existing linked and unlinked trees (To start a new tree).

  • A vertical Family View has been added to the Tree tab. The Family View displays three ancestor generations above the root person and two descendant generations below. Siblings, aunts and uncles, and nieces and nephews are also included (To navigate in the Family view).
  • Branch Export lets you select a person and create an export from that person (To export a branch).
  • Attaching and Detaching people in the tree has been made more simple and intuitive.
  • The Source Citation list in the Person tab now includes a thumbnail if a media file is attached to the citation.
  • Children in the Family Group panel can be automatically sorted by age on a family basis or globally (To arrange the order of children).
  • A Magnifier tool is now available in the Media Detail viewer (Media Detail).
  • The Media Detail dialog box now includes a Notes tab.
  • The Media Detail viewer now displays the contents of PDF files.
  • Thumbnails of PDF files now display the first page of the document.
  • The source icon indicates which sources are based on templates.
  • A List of Individuals report is now available that lets you create a list of people by name, reference number, anniversary date, birthdate, or as a contact list (List of Individuals Report).


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