Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FTM2014 - Plan Workspace - Overview

Have made a couple of blog posts on the Plan Workspace. Thought I would back up and give the big picture and put some comments on the Screen.

  •  Across the Very top (not marked) is the Filename and Family Tree Maker 2014. A normal windows type of operation and the way Family Tree Maker as worked since at least FTM2008
  • Far Right is the TreeSync™ feature statue. (currently, this tree is not linked)
  • Below the Workspace listing are Tabs. This is true for each Workspace. The number of tabs vary based on where you are (Workspace) and what else you are doing. In this case New Tree and Current Tree are listed. The Current tree is open
  • Far Right, below the TreeSync ICON is the Ancestry Login Link. I am logged in based on other information on the screen. But the Login Link is there
  • Left Column is a brief status of the file that is open. Who the Home Person is, the Last Person that was edited, number of people, marriages, and file size, as well as the Creation Date, Last Saved, and Last Backed up. This is a new file and hasn't been backed up yet
  • Left Column below the status, is where the TreeSync options will be. In this case, the only option that is available is Upload and Link
  • The large area in the Center is the ToDo or Task list. That will be another blog post. I use it a lot. Looks like I have lots of work to do, as there are over 800 Tasks listed
  • Below that, on the Left, is the current status of my Subscription with Ancestry. That is also an indication that I am logged in.
  • Below that, is a list of Ancestry Member Trees (AMT's) It's not all of them, as there is a "more" link included.
  • Below that are links to message boards (will talk about this whole are in the future)
  • To the Right of these items is a link to other websites
In each area that I have listed above, there is an ICON which will provide more options. Lots of options / choices to allow us, the Users, to see those Items that are of interest to us when we open Family Tree Maker.

More information about the file can be seen by clicking on More, in the File Status area.

 What is NEW on the More window is that it now lists the Number of Sources that are using the Template Feature.

Looks like I didn't get much done last year, on my clean up of sources.


Copyright © 2013 by H R Worthington

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