Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Introduction to Family Tree Maker Version 2014

Having done blog posts for a number of versions of Family Tree Maker in the past, I thought that I would share my plan for FTM2014.

At the top of the blog, are links to articles for FTM2012, FTM2011, FTM 2010. Selecting one of those links, I have attempted to collect on that page blog posts by Workspace for that Version of the program. In order to save space in the menu, I have dropped the links to FTM2008 and FTM2009. Those articles are listed in the Right Column already. I don't have control over the order in which they appear in the Category Listing. That is why I created these Version pages.

In the center of the list, is a link to those Training Resources, as well as Help links for the program.

These Version pages will be updated by the Categories / Tags that are on the individual postings. I have attempted to capture all of the Blog posts for FTM2014. Generally, they will be by Workspace, within the program. Selecting one of the links below, should give you a list of Blog Posts for that Workspace.

Please remember that you can Search the Blog for articles on your topic. Try to use one word as the keyword. Blog posts are listed with the most recent at the top or beginning of the list.

I am currently working blog posts by Workspace, focusing on new features that have not been available in the past, followed by changes or updates to existing features, then other blog posts as I see Questions or Issues that can be best explained in a Blog Post.

There are many features in FTM2014 that have been discussed in previous blog posts. Those are not on the top of my list of blog posts. If you are looking for something specific, check previous versions of Family Tree Maker, starting with FTM2012 and working back to FTM2008.

The plan is to break the articles down to these workspace. The FTM2014 Version page will be updates as the posts are made. This list will not be updated and there are no links below to articles. This is for planning purposes.

FTM2014 - All Blog Posts for Family Tree Maker Version 2014

FTM2014 - Features

FTM2014 - Plan Workspace

FTM2014 - People Workspace

FTM2014 - Places Workspace

FTM2014 - Media Workspace

FTM2014 - Sources Workspace

FTM2014 - Publish Workspace

FTM2014 - Web Search Workspace

Family Tree Maker Tool Bar

Reminder: There are links to many Help and Training Resources in the Menu at the top of the blog.

 Having said all of that, I am working on the ability for the readers to post a question, using a Google+ feature. It's not ready yet, as there are some missing components in Google that I haven't found. Stay tuned.


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