Tuesday, September 24, 2013

FTM2014 - Sources Web Address on an AMT

An observation on another reason to move Sources into the Template Feature.

In FTM2012 (I think) we had the ability to include a Web Address in the Citation entry, Right Hand panel, near the bottom, just above Reference Note. In my clean up efforts, that is one area that I want to have populated as much as possible. It is mostly for my benefit, so that I can get right to a specific website quickly.

This example is using the Template source feature and there is a Web address (URL) near the bottom, without a check mark in the "Include in the ref. note".

 I went to this same source in the Ancestry Member Tree and selected a Fact with this Source.

New, at the bottom of this screen capture, you will see NOT Web Address.

I have that link in FTM2014, but it won't appear in the AMT.

Looking at a Source not in the Template feature, here is another Source, with Citation. There is a Web Address and the Include in ref. note is NOT checked.

The online version of this Citation, will look like this.

 In this case you can see and click on the Web Address.

The Web Address, I think, is more for my use and not for a viewer on the AMT


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