Saturday, September 14, 2013

FTM2014 - File, Export Branch

I just posted the new FTM2014 feature for Exporting a Branch. In that post was a caution, written in RED.  The Blog Post is here:

FTM2014 - Export Branch

Suppose that I ONLY wanted to share the Descendants of John Worthington Jr, and not his ancestors and not the branch down to me. John Jr is Capt John's oldest son, I am descending from the youngest son. For this example, I am only going to share the Descendants of John Jr.

Start with the File Menu, from any workspace, and select Export

That will bring up a screen where we have options. The default is Entire file. We also have options on what to include:
  • Privatize living people
  • Include private facts
  • Include private notes
  • Include media files
    • Include private media
  • Include tasks
  • Include only items linked to selected individuals
NOTE about that last item. That is important because IF you do not have a check mark there, ALL sources will be included in that exported file. So, there will be Sources that are not linked to anyone.

But, we want Selected Individuals.

We are going to select John, and click on the Descendents button in the center, and that will put 964 of the 8,934 people into this new file. Not listed in the other Branch Export blog post, but that new Branch file had 2,713 people in it.

That will return us to this screen with the selected people on the Left, the information in the right.

Before the OK is selected, there are some OUTPUT FORMAT options to look at, depending on what program, or version of Family Tree Maker, the receiving person is using. For Family Tree Maker version 2006 or Version 16 or earlier, the GEDCOM 5.5 would be selected.

Technical Note here: IF GEDCOM 5.5 is selected and that 'include media files' is selected. the GEDCOM file will NOT include the media files, only LINKS to those media files. The Media Folder would have to be sent to the person receiving the GEDCOM file, so that the receiving program could find the media files, if that program or version can link to Media files.

We are asked to name the file, and Family Tree Maker will add the correct file extension. In this case (FTM2014 and previous) the file will be a BACKUP file. So the receiving person would do a File, Restore within Family Tree Maker.

The processing window opens:

When complete, the Export complete window will appear.


Copyright © 2013 by H R Worthington

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