Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Find-A-Grave - Add My Photos

Continuing how I use the Find-A-Grave website.

This blog post is how I handle those Find-A-Grave Memorials that were created by some one else but I want to add a photograph of the headstone that I took.

Continuing with the example of John Carroll, buried in the Lurvey Cemetery, Hancock, Maine, I will now add a photograph that I took. I will NOT publish, in my Ancestry Member Tree, any headstone photograph taken by some one else.

I have created a Source called Diary or Journal. Use "dia" or "jou" for the Keyword Search for the appropriate template. The Source screen is filled out, and I add, in the Comments for this template:

[ Cemetery Name, City, County, state ] - [ full name ]

That will be copied and pasted into the Citation Details.

Date of Visit: dd mmm yyyy

 Here is what the filled in Citation look like.

 The Source Detail has the cemetery name and the full name of the person. IF I have more that one name of a person, where I have headstone pictures, I will add the birth - death years (yyyy-yyyy) to help me identify "which one". The Date of the visit is entered into the Citation Text. Both are included in the Reference Note.

This also helps when making a number of entries at the same time for a cemetery, where you can copy and paste the information in these two fields for multiple Citations.

On the Media Tab, in the above image, the New menu is used to Link to a New Media file, and selecting the headstone photograph.

The next step is to Copy the Reference Note, and Paste that into the Media File Description field.

 The Caption is also changed from the Filename to the Caption which would read the full name of the person, and the Cemetery name and location.

The Citation is then linked to the Person. In this case, I link the media file to the Burial Fact and the Find-A-Grave fact.

 Returning to the People Workspace, Person View, the Find-A-Grave Fact is private, as seen by the Lock in the Right panel, and the left end of the Find-A-Grave Fact. Noting in the right end of the Fact line is now a 2, for number of Sources, 1 for the number of Media files, and 1 for the number of notes. Below is has the Media Tab active and the headstone media file.

As shown earlier, the information from the Find-A-Grave website is copied, pasted, and cleaned up for the Find-A-Grave Notes.


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