Saturday, September 29, 2012

FTM2012 - Parish vs Burials - Clean Up

After working on the migration of my Place Names to the new format, I have a couple of observations and "warnings", and an adjustment if the data records.

I have a number of Historical Place Names in Maryland. A number of Place Names include "Parish". But I also have Churches that end in "Parish".

WARNING: Don't just move a lot of Place Names to the New Format, especially if you have Parishes and Parishes.

As I usually do, BEFORE I use the TreeSync™ feature, I use the Compact File, using the Back Up feature, then SyncNow. This process has saved me several times during this clean up process.

CHANGE: Making sure that the Place Name, which is a Cemetery or Burial Ground, has either of those words in the Place Name.

In the past, prior to the 704 patch, I Cemeteries were in the Description Field.

I also use the Find-A-Grave website as a resource. So what I have decided, is to use the Find-A-Grave Cemetery Name for my Cemetery name in FTM2012. The biggest reason, is that each Cemetery in Find-A-Grave is unique, in Cemetery Name. I have not run into the SAME, exact, Cemetery Name listed twice. They may be there, but I haven't found them. So, the biggest change is using the Find-A-Grave Cemetery Name. I'll share my reasoning in a moment.

Each Find-A-Grave entry will help get the term Cemetery or Burial Ground as part of the "Description" now the Cemetery Name for the Place Name.

That is the first update.

Here is an example of how this change kept me out of trouble.

I have:

Saint Anne's Parish, Maryland
Saint Anne's Parish, Annapolis, Anne Arundel (county), Maryland
Saint Anne's Burial Ground, Annapolis, Anne Arundel, Maryland

The first is a Place Name. It may have been located in an area of Maryland where there was a  Parish by that name, but it is a Historical Place Name.

The second two places are Churches. The same church with a burial ground surrounding that Parish.

What is important to review, is the Events that take place in these three places.

BEFORE I make a change, I make sure that I have NO Burial Facts for "Saint Anne's Parish, Annapolis, Anne Arundel, Maryland". I should NOT have any other Facts in "Saint Anne's Burial Ground, Annapolis, Anne Arundel, Maryland" but Burials.

I will individually edit those person entries that are not right.

AGAIN, I do NOT Resolve this type of Place Name until AFTER the review of the Place Names.

For example:

Although this screen capture is after the fact, I review that Right Hand Panel FIRST.

Once the place has been Resolved, I will do ONLY a couple of place name resolves, then I will Back Up, Compact, and do the SyncNow.

When the Review of the Changes screen shows (TreeSync Log), I review that screen carefully. I want to make sure that the Expected Changes are there.

 Those changes are, as expected. I will continue the Sync Process.

What IF I get this far and see something isn't right. I CANCEL the Sync Process, then use the Edit, UNDO (the last transaction) to get back to where I was. IF that doesn't get me back to where I want to be, that is the data isn't right, I will do a File, Restore from the Previous Back Up.

Summary: Review the existing Place Name details, Do a small number of Resolve (moving Description to Place Name, Review AFTER the Resolve, Review the change after the Resolve was done, Back Up and Compact file, SyncNow and Review what is about to be done.

Remembering, that with 704, the Restore will link the restored file to the existing Ancestry Member Tree.


Copyright © 2012 by H R Worthington

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