Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Task 1 - Upload FTM2012 to AMT - Double Dates

The second part of Randy Searver's blog post:

 Task 1 - Upload RootsMagic 5 GEDCOM file to Ancestry Member Tree

talked about handling of a Double Date. I used his example of 20 Mar 1629/30.

Here is the FTM2012 view of this person:

As you can see, the date appears correctly in FTM2012. Once entered, the file was Sync'ed to the Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) with the following results:

At first glance this looks correct, but Randy mentioned the Timeline View. Looking further down to the Birth Fact, only "Mar" shows up, although the Birth Date under the Name (Double Date) is correct.


So, I switched to the Facts and Sources tab,vs the Overview tab, I see:

 So, it appears that the Birth Fact properly reflects the Double Date from FTM2012 to the AMT.


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